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miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Bilderberg Report 2010 Part 1 Sitges Spain

Artículo escrito en inglés, estamos trabajando en la traducción al español, mientras pueden utilizar el traductor de google, en la parte superior derecha de la página web. Gracias. Lisset

A befitting headline for this year´s Bilderberg conference in Sitges should be: THE WORLD IS OUT OF TIME-OUTS.

From the Chinese real estate bubble about to blow, to an eminent housing crash in Canada, from the more than expected Treasury bubble collapse in the United States to the meltdown in Spain, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland and Italy, the battle lines are being drawn. They will define the direction of humanity in the next several years.


It's now apparent that Europe has exhausted its allotted "time-outs." In a carefully orchestrated game of confusion, European officials tried for as long as they could to distract speculators and to manage fears of a Greek and euro-zone crisis.

From Bilderberger discussion, it is now apparent that the global investment community is not receiving this plan well. In early April, Moody's downgraded the five biggest Greek banks. Since then both the banking sector and the general stock market in Greece have gone into a tailspin.

As one U.S. Bilderberger pointed out, “As a result, more impetus is being given to believe the sovereign debt contagion is building.”

In a very tense debate, one question was posed to the audience: Is it enough to reduce the risk premium associated with investing in Greek debt?

The early indication: Apparently not.

An influential European Bilderberger remarked that European officials tried to regroup back in February hoping to stem the heavy wave of selling against the euro and the speculative pressures on sovereign debt risk.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Página de Facebook dedicada a Conspiración Octopus

Unos fans han tenido una idea estupenda y han creado una página sobre Conspiración Octopus en Facebook para intentar averiguar la verdad que se esconde tras el libro.

Me ha parecido una idea estupenda y muy curiosa. Muchas gracias por esta iniciativa.

¡Que el miedo a la verdad no os detenga!

Pueden unirse a esta página aquí: CONSPIRACIÓN OCTOPUS EN FACEBOOK