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viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Nuevo artículo en Hot Indie News sobre mi libro Shadow Masters

Hoy ha salido un artículo (en inglés) sobre mi libro Shadow Masters en Hot Indie News que trata sobre el mercader de la muerte Victor Bout y Andrew Smulian. ¿Creen que éste último era un informante del Gobierno americano? Yo diría que sí y si no lo era, estaba autorizado a negociar en nombre Victor Bout.
Today, It's been released an article on my book Shadow Masters in Hot Indie News, about the death merchant Victor Bout and his co-conspirator, Andrew Smulian. Do you think that the Smulian was an informant for the American government? I would say yes and if it wasn't, I think he was authorized to negotiate on behalf of Victor Bout.

US GOVERNMENT Kidnaps Victor BOUT´S Co-Conspirator Andrew Smulian, according to upcoming book

BANGKOK, Thailand – In the official story, Andrew Smulian, an alleged co-conspirator of supposed Merchant of Death Victor Bout, escaped a locked-down room guarded by 12 DEA officers; then managed to take a taxi to the airport, in handcuffs, with no money and buy a ticket without a passport to the only place in the world where, if convicted, he is destined to spend 300 years in the slammer. Mr. Smulian was detained by US government forces on March 6, 2008 in Bangkok and according to the DEA, both men were accused of a scheme to sell $5 million worth of weapons to member of FARC, Columbia’s terrorist organization.

However, according to award-winning investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, the government’s side of the story holds little water. In his new book THE SHADOW MASTERS, the author alleges that the official version of the arrest is a cover-up and that the US government brought Smulian back to the US.

Estulin asks a number of questions regarding Smulian:

  • Was he a co-conspirator or a full-time US government informant?

  • Did he have Bout’s permission to negotiate in his name?

  • Where are the weapons Bout was allegedly selling to FARC?
US District Attorney, DEA, State Department, US Embassy in Bangkok, Smulian´s New York lawyer and other public officials involved in the case have categorically refused to publicly commit to a statement.

The Thai Court of Appeal is only weeks away from reaching a decision on the government’s extradition request in the case of BOUT. Estulin´s allegations against the government are sure to create a storm of controversy at this most delicate moment in the proceedings.

The author’s previous book, THE TRUE STORY OF THE BILDERBERG GROUP, an exposé of the annual meeting of the powerful and elite who direct world affairs from behind closed doors, was published in 79 countries, translated into 49 languages on five continents, having sold over 3 million copies since first published back in 2005. The Halcyon Group, owners of the Terminator movie franchise, recently announced plans to make a $150 million movie based on the book. The author is a frequent guest on radio and television shows.

The long awaited SHADOW MASTERS is due to be released in February by TrineDay.

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